b-Paid Platform

b-Paid is b-liquid's answers to a millennia old business challenge in B2B transactions of "how to sell on credit without taking any risk", and is the answer to all late and non-payments deriving challenges any business faces daily!

The solution we introduced is deceptively simple, effective, secure and beneficial for both parties.

Let us offer a reality check.

When business A is selling to business B products worth € 1000 on 90 days payment terms and the VAT is 20% several things, which businesses tend to ignore to their peril, happen:

  • • Business A is actually loaning business B € 1200 for 3 months without even getting an interest, as if business A is some kind of a Charity-Bank
  • • Business A carries all the risk of late or not payment from business B. In order to de-risk its action it is normally buying trade credit insurance at a cost of up to 18% (per year) IF business B is a accepted by the insurer
  • • Business A until these € 1200 are repaid will a. restrict itself from selling additional products to business B or b. will be forced by the insurer not to, depriving it way from additional revenues
  • • After shipping the products business A has a € 1200 gap in its liquidity and the only way to resolve the issue is by borrowing the equivalent from a Bank at a cost of 3.5% (or more)
  • • Finally Business A will probably have to pay the € 200 VAT back to the tax office even if it did not actually receive this amount.

Imagine now instead of all the above if there was a way a very small part of the receivables of business B to be re-directed towards business A, in real time, until the € 1200 debt was repaid.

b-paid can achieve this and more using the following approach:

  • • Creates two new e-accounts one for business A and one for business B
  • • It provided both businesses with a unique online interface to issue (A) and approve (B) invoices
  • • It provides business B with new POS to install instead of its existing one (if any)
  • • Every time now that business B receives a payment either through the POS or its bank account b-paid redirects these receivables to an Escrow account located within the platform where AI-powered routines deduct a small amount of the receivable and deposit them to the account of business A and the remaining in the account of business B. The process is repeated until all approved by B invoices (issued by A) have been paid
  • • Optionally b-paid will update directly A&B’s accounting systems eliminating thus the need for human effort


The benefits for A are profound:

  • • Zero risk trade as invoices will always be paid in full
  • • Zero sleepless nights
  • • Increased revenues from existing customers
  • • Ability to sell to anyone irrespectively of his credibility level expanding this way rapidly his customer base
  • • Forget lawyers and collection agencies
  • • Gain competitive advantage in the market
  • • Massive savings from both Insurance and Bank fees (up to 23%)
  • • Increased liquidity by at least 50%
  • • And of course due to all of the above increased profitability
  • • … and many more

For business B on the other hand the benefits are even bigger as now they will be able to request:

  • • Higher credit limits
  • • Discounted prices (do not forget that A will be saving at least 21.5%)
  • • Longer repayment terms
  • • Subsidised credit card payment fees (from A)
  • • Increased revenues
  • • Lower accounting/logistics cost
  • • Trade even if their credibility is under acceptable limits
  • • Use the method to expand their supplier base
  • • Trade even without a high street Bank account
  • • Act themselves as a secondary wholesalers as the process can be repeated to support B2B2B2C structures

You want to know more? Give us a call or write to us at sales@b-paid.eu